Umbrella Insurance Provides Extra Liability Coverage

Do you live in the West Hartford, CT area?

Do you have assets that need to be protected? ALLConnecticut Insurance can provide liability insurance coverage necessary to protect your assets.

An umbrella policy increases liability limits beyond your homeowners and auto insurance policies. The costs of a lawsuit, legal fees, and medical expenses can deplete your savings quickly. An umbrella policy can offer millions of dollars of liability coverage for only hundreds of dollars in premium costs.

Typically, you can add $1 million worth of extra coverage for about $150 to $350 per year. A good, experienced insurance agent can explain how much coverage your financial situation requires.

Anyone could be sued if a visitor is hurt while visiting their home. But the risk gets higher if you have a swimming pool, where anyone can have a life-altering neck or head injury or possibly drown. A tragic scenario can severely impact the homeowner’s current and future financial situation.

The medical payments coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay some medical costs. Still, the liability coverage an umbrella policy provides can help with more costly long-term care needs.

Like a swimming pool, a trampoline is considered a nuisance attractive to others. It can tempt those to use it without the owner’s permission. Some insurers forbid them entirely and could cancel your homeowner’s policy if you have one. But some can charge a "nuisance surcharge" or require a locked fence to enclose it.

To protect your current and future income, umbrella insurance will provide the liability coverage necessary to absorb the expenses related to a lawsuit in the event of an accident. Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today for a quote.