Tips For Driving Your Recreational Vehicle Safely

You want to get a great insurance policy for your recreational vehicle so that you can carry the peace of mind with you whenever you head out from West Hartford, CT on a new adventure. But as much as you want a great insurance policy, what you really want is to never have to file a claim. There may not be a way to eliminate risk entirely, but there are some things you can do to stay safe on the road:

  • Practice. An RV is nothing like driving a car. It’s not much like driving a big pickup truck, either. Even if you’ve already passed your test and gotten your license, the more practice you get in, the better. Head to a parking lot and practice your three-point turns, parking, and cornering. Take your RV out in light traffic and get used to it. You don’t want to have to learn all this stuff when you’re already a hundred miles from home.
  • Keep an eye on the weather reports. Heavy rain is no fun when you’re driving a four-door, and it’s even worse in a house-on-wheels. Pretend you’re a sea captain and try to only set sail in smooth weather.
  • Memorize your height. Write it on the dashboard if you must, but don’t guess at how tall your RV is when driving through a tunnel with a 12-ft limit. You can always reroute if an overpass is too low.
  • Stay to the right. You have to take it slow and steady in an RV, and staying to the right gives cars behind you the chance to pass safely.
  • Brake slowly. This isn’t a car, it’s a tiny house. You’ve got upwards of three tons of weight here, so ease into every stop sign.

It really comes down to experience. The more time you spend driving around West Hartford, CT, the safer you’ll be.

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