Protect Your Home – It’s Your Most Valuable Asset

Are you a homeowner in West Hartford, CT? Are you planning on becoming a homeowner? ALLConnecticut Insurance can provide the coverage you need to protect this valuable asset.

If the home is being financed, all mortgage companies or lenders will require that you have a homeowners’ policy to protect their interests in the property.

Homeowners insurance is also necessary because it protects your home and its contents. In case of a total or partial loss, this policy will provide the funds required to rebuild or repair your home. The policy will also provide liability coverage for any legal action against you due to injuries someone sustains while visiting you.

Even those who do not carry a mortgage on their home need this coverage. If you are mortgage-free and someone is injured while on your property, a lawsuit could rob you of all equity in your home. You could also face losing your home in this case. It is not worth the risk.

One of the most important things to consider is the level of coverage. Don’t pay for more than you need. The most common coverage is an HO-2 policy which protects against 16 events named in the policy.

Typically, a homeowners insurance policy has six different coverages. They are referred to as dwelling (home), other structures (garage or storage shed), personal property (contents of the house), personal liability, and medical payments (if a visitor is injured on your property).

A standard homeowners insurance policy usually will not cover valuable artwork, jewelry, collectibles, damage due to a flood or earthquake, or provide identity theft protection.

Make sure your most valuable asset is protected. Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today for a no-obligation quote or answers to any questions you may have.