Is Your Insurance Inventory Up to Date?

Whether you’ve been living in your West Hartford, CT home for many years or have simply carried your home insurance with ALLConnecticut Insurance from house to house, have you updated your inventory for personal possessions recently?  While it’s easy to say that you have coverage in case of loss due to fire or theft, what was sufficient all those years ago when you first sat down with your agent may not provide the protection you need now. It’s time to make sure you valuables will be properly documented is the worst comes to pass.

Jewelry and Fine Collectibles Should Be Itemized

Unless you have stipulated full replacement in the personal possession segment of your home insurance policy, it is likely that almost every item in your house would be covered at a fraction of the real cost to buy it new.  Whether you have collected an assortment of gold watches or enjoy giving gems to your spouse, typical procedures would reduce their value for insurance purposes over time.  However, you know that quality items hold their value or increase over the years. By specifying full replacement for particular items in your home inventory, the things that are most precious to you will be compensated for at a more appropriate rate.

Don’t Forget Designer Shoes and Clothing

Your closets may contain a variety of shoes, coats, handbags and suits that cost more than you might normally spend for such common items. It pays off to add name brand apparel to the inventory, so your hard earned cash doesn’t vanish after they suffer from fire or smoke damage. Every unique item should be accounted for.

If you have any questions about your West Hartford, CT home insurance policy, reach out to use at ALLConnecticut Insurance. We look forward to hearing from you.