In West Hartford, CT, Do I need liability insurance if my business is incorporated?

An incorporated business can protect owners from financial ruin in the face of bankruptcy or a lawsuit. However, simply incorporating your business may not be enough to protect your West Hartford business from all the risks. Commercial insurance with liability coverage reduces the gaps in protection that many Connecticut business owners face.

What is Liability Insurance?

Business liability insurance covers legal expenses and court fees if your business is sued. In today’s litigious society, businesses of nearly any size engage in activities that make them vulnerable to lawsuits. Liability insurance also expands to cover the actions of your employees so that you won’t suffer the fallout from a negligent employee.

Benefits of Liability Insurance

Though incorporating your business protects you, the owner, from having to use your personal assets to bail out your company, liability insurance serves as an added layer of protection that is necessary. If you are on the losing side of a lawsuit, then the status of your business can absolve you from any personal responsibilities. However, liability insurance is important because it protects your business from going under in face of a legal challenge. Liability insurance covers attorney fees and court costs so that you can increase your chances of surviving a lawsuit.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

An independent agent can help you add business liability insurance to your commercial insurance policy. We can help you obtain the right level of coverage so that your policy will cover the amount of money you will need to defend a lawsuit. We can help you determine what type of coverage suits your business and addresses the risks in your industry. Protecting your business from liability can’t wait, so contact us to speak with an independent agent today.