In West Hartford, CT, Can I insure contents of my home during the policy period?

There are times that you add additional contents or personal property to your home during an insurance policy period in Connecticut. You want to be sure your new furniture, electronics or appliances are protected.

When you want to insure new items during your policy period, contact your independent agent to learn how to do this properly. Whether you’re home is in Hartford, West Hartford or anywhere else in Connecticut, your independent agent can give you multiple quotes on contents insurance with one online visit or phone call.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to acquire items during their policy term. You can typically use one of three methods to modify your insurance coverage during your policy period.

  • Add contents coverage during the term of your insurance policy.
  • Add riders to your package of protection, identifying specific items.
  • Increase the amount of your contents protection.

The bottom line: You want to be comfortable that your personal property protection amount is sufficient to replace all of your items should a covered loss occur. Getting multiple quotes from your independent agent will give you different coverage options for protecting the items in your home.

Your choices include the type of coverage you want.

  • Named hazards. Protects you for losses from specific hazards, excluding others not noted in your policy.
  • All perils coverage. Protects you from all hazards, except those excluded by your policy language.

In both cases, your independent agent can help you decide which is best for you. Additional contents coverage give you other choices.

  • Actual cash value. Restore, repair or replace items by deducting depreciation for your personal property’s value before paying a claim.
  • Replacement cost. Pays you to replace your contents with new property of the same kind and quality.

In all cases, contact your independent agent to get direction on how to add contents coverage during your policy period. You’ll protect your personal property from loss with premiums you can afford.