How to Make Sure All of Your Contents are Covered by Connecticut Home Insurance

When you have a home, you have it filled with your life’s most precious things. That is what home insurance is for. You can get contents and personal property coverage with your home insurance to protect you against financial losses should any of your contents become lost, stolen, or damaged.

At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we want West Hartford, CT homeowners to be covered in the event of loss. Learn more about how to protect your valuables here.

Personal Property Coverage

Most homeowners know that they need liability coverage should anything happen to their property, but they don’t often consider property coverage when they are trying to save money. It is insurance coverage that will recover your lost or damaged items that you may not be able to replace on your own.

This coverage will also help to repair your belongings if something happens to them. If the peril is fire or water damage and your contents are not destroyed, you can make a claim and have them repaired.

You can put a deductible on this coverage to lower your premiums, or, you can put limits that match the values of your belongings.

For this coverage, you will have replacement cost coverage or actual cash value coverage. Replacement coverage will reimburse you for any costs when you replace an item with a similar one. Actual cash value coverage will pay for the loss of an item, minus its depreciation.

One rider you may consider for your home insurance is the coverage of the valuable items.

Take an Inventory

When you are considering personal property coverage, take an inventory of all of the contents that you are covering. Film the inventory, and itemize the contents with a value. Then you will know how much coverage you will need.

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