How RV Insurance Differs From Regular Auto Insurance

Owning an RV is a great way to go wherever and whenever you desire. As you drive on the road with your RV, you do need insurance to protect it and other motorists. However, there is specific RV insurance designed just for your kind of vehicle. What is the different between RV insurance and auto insurance though? At AllConnecticut Insurance, we want to make sure you understand the difference, whether you live in West Hartford, CT or in the surrounding area. 

Specialized Insurance

As you are from Connecticut, you may not take your RV out throughout the entire year. If you only take it out a few months at a time it is better to go with specialized RV insurance, which allows you to insure it for only the months you are driving. 

Added Insurance Coverage

With RV insurance, you are able to include not only campsite liability but RV emergency expense coverage. Both of these kinds of insurance instances you will likely not find with auto insurance due to the nature of an RV. 

Additional Liability 

Due to the increased size of an RV over a traditional vehicle, you’ll need added liability insurance. With RV insurance, you receive a higher liability threshold. As a larger vehicle is able to cause more damage than a smaller vehicle going the same speed, this is a must. RV insurance will protect you with this added liability coverage you need. 

You have the ability to travel just about anywhere with your RV. However, you also need to protect yourself and your vehicle with proper RV insurance. We at AllConnecticut Insurance are here to answer all of your RV insurance questions and concerns, regardless of if you live in West Hartford, CT or in a neighboring city.