How Does a Renter’s Policy Protect my Personal Property in West Hartford, Connecticut?

Renters in West Hartford, Connecticut often overlook the need for renter’s insurance. They may think that because they rent that they do not have to worry about many of the problems or issues that are faced by homeowners. If their apartment burns down, for instance, their landlord will need to pay to build a new one, and they will simply move to another apartment. There is some validity to this line of thinking, but renters should keep in mind that they need to protect their personal property.

A renter’s insurance policy covers everything that a renter owns. These policies can cover everything from expensive electronics to family jewelry and more. As an independent agent, I have spoken to countless renters who thought that they didn’t need a policy. They thought that their used furniture or other personal possessions weren’t worth getting a policy. However, once these clients looked at how much it would cost to replace their possessions, they realized that they needed to protect their property.

The right insurance policy can protect your personal property from flood, fire, theft, and more. In fact, if you move, most policies even continue to cover your personal property until you get to the driveway of your new home. If you lose some of your property while moving from West Hartford to another area of Connecticut or even to another state, the renter’s policy will continue to cover you.

In some cases, renter’s policies can even cover your liability to guests. For instance, if one of your children’s friends gets hurt while playing at your rented home, your policy can help to ensure that you will not be forced to pay their medical bills.

As your independent agent, I would love to speak with you more about how a renter’s policy can protect your possessions and your family.