What losses are covered by boat insurance in Hartford, CT

Purchasing boat insurance in Hartford, CT requires some considerations for the type of coverage that you are purchasing. The losses that are covered in a policy can vary based on several factors, including the type of plan that you bought.

Liability Plans

The most basic policy that you might purchase is designed to address liability concerns rather than your boat. Generally, it will pay for damages that you cause to another boater or individual on the water. It can also help pay for medical expenses if a guest on your boat is injured.

A liability plan is not usually enough to cover all of your concerns, so you may need to purchase additional protection if you have worries regarding accidents, storms or other forms of damage that may arise.

Policy Options

Since the details of any policy can vary, it is important to recognize the losses that are covered by a variety of options. The policies that are available through any insurer can vary, so you may need to compare several choices before you finalize a plan.

Some insurers offer options that will pay for the losses to your boat in an accident. It can help pay for repairs as well as any towing or clean-up that may become a concern.

You can also purchase policies that specifically address concerns regarding towing in the water or hauling a boat to a repair center. Some insurers may allow you to add the coverage to a basic liability plan as well.

The specific losses that are covered by any policy depend on the situation and the plan that you purchased. In some cases, you may have limited coverage. Other plans may cover most losses that can arise. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more.