Hartford Business Fleet Insurance: The Basics

Hartford, CT is the state’s capital city. Owner of the world’s first broadcasting FM station and President Roosevelt’s first car ride, the world class location is home to a wide array of cultural attractions, award-winning venues and grand corporations.


The city is defined by its environment’s conductive, ever-expanding business environment, and many have been attracted to lucrative business options when entering the 06101 area code. The city’s Economic Development Group has encouraged business expansion, and many company decision makers have focused upon fleet insurance coverage to expand their horizons.


Business Fleet Development and Growth


Often, small, medium and large size businesses offer specialized services through vehicle fleet accommodation, including:


  • Airport shuttling

  • Construction and contract services

  • Public transportation

  • On-site shuttling


Building relationships, creating expansion options and specializing services are end-games for fleet coverage within business insurance plans, and our agency contains a wide array of options to help you get quotes easily, quickly and with a well-informed mindset.


Obtaining Business Fleet Coverage


When shopping for company vehicles, weighing pros and cons is important. Often, fleet coverage contains several features—depending upon location and services. When considering new vehicle acquisitions, remember these golden rules:



  • Expensive vehicles equal higher premiums

  • Used vehicle purchases reduce insurance rates

  • Passenger vehicles cost less than commercial trucks

  • Light-weight trucks cost little to insure commercially

Specialized Fleets and Customized Coverage


Every business is different, so our collected coverage options are wide and varied. Trailer vehicles, for example, may require specialized plans based around weight distributions. Similarly, refrigerated vehicles, advertisement vehicles and citizen transportation vehicles may require unique plans.


When searching for quotes, comparing inexpensive insurance rates is important, and considering a fleet’s unique aspects can guarantee quality selections. Our quote comparison database has been expanded to accommodate for a variety of fleet coverage options within commercial insurance plans, so you’ll never be left at the door.