Exclusions of Umbrella Insurance in West Hartford, CT

Irrespective of umbrella insurance not being mandatory in Connecticut, it provides a higher coverage limit than underlying traditional policies. Umbrella insurance is robust stand-alone liability coverage that offers a supplementary limit to other chief coverages like homeowners and auto insurance. Procuring umbrella insurance in West Hartford, CT safeguards a policyholder by providing supplemental coverage beyond protecting your assets. Additionally, the litigious society we thrive in, especially in West Hartford, CT, prompts one to own a picturesque financial plan in case a third party slaps you with an outrageous lawsuit. Please get in touch with our experienced agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance today. Our professional specialists will help forge a solidified umbrella insurance that will kick in when your underlying coverage is depleted. Keep reading to establish some of the exclusions of umbrella insurance:

It’s crucial to know that umbrella insurance won’t safeguard you against every imminent calamity is imperative. Most West Hartford, CT residents believe that umbrella insurance works as a stand-alone coverage, which is not the case. Therefore, it’s prudent to understand what umbrella insurance covers and doesn’t cover. Exclusions of umbrella insurance include:

In availability of underlying coverage like auto and home: Umbrella insurance doesn’t work in isolation. It kicks in to supplement other existing policies when they get depleted. This policy is supplemental rather than stand-alone coverage. Additionally, the insurer will require you to meet a specific coverage limit on your auto or home coverage before allowing you to add umbrella insurance on top of it.

Other exclusions include:

  • Damage to your personal property like appliances and furniture.
  • Personal injuries
  • Intentional or criminal undertakings
  • Property damage or injuries are emanating from specific scenarios like injuries cropping up when using uncovered recreational vehicles or owning uncovered dog breeds.
  • Other injuries or damages emanate from your business undertakings.

Do you need additional financial insulation for your existing underlying auto or home insurance policies when they get exhausted? Umbrella insurance may cover instances like libel, slander, and false imprisonment, which other policies don’t cover. Please call us at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT today for more information about umbrella insurance.