Do I Need RV Insurance Year-Round?

In this post, ALLConnecticut Insurance takes a closer look at RV insurance in West Hartford, CT.

The Benefits of Year-Round Coverage 

Long-term coverage for your recreational vehicle is the most beneficial option, as it offers continuous protection regardless of whether you use your vehicle. RV coverage protects your car from any potential damage or theft when parked in storage and not in use. Depending on your provider, having year-round coverage might also entitle you to discounts for extended periods without claims. 

When Is It Best to Get Short-Term Coverage? 

However, there are times when short-term policies can be helpful as well. For instance, if you only plan on using your recreational vehicle a few times during the year—such as for summer vacations—a short-term policy might make more sense than a longer one. Additionally, if you plan to take your recreational vehicle overseas, some providers will require that you have short-term coverage due to the increased risks associated with foreign travel.                                 

What Does My Policy Cover? 

No matter which type of coverage you choose, know what exactly is covered by your policy to ensure that you are protected. Most recreational vehicle insurance policies cover both physical damage and liability protection for things such as medical bills and legal fees for bodily injury caused by an accident involving your recreational vehicle. 

If you plan on frequently traveling throughout the year, then having year-round coverage makes sense. However, short-term coverage could be more economical over time if you only use your RV sporadically during certain months of the year. Still have questions? Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today – we’re here to help West Hartford, CT.