Connecticut Motorist: What Insurance Providers Look for in Drivers

Obtaining the best insurance policy in West Hartford, Connecticut means spending some time comparing providers. What you may not know is that insurance providers are looking for the best drivers available. If you want the best premiums and deductibles, be the right type of driver.

Tips for Drivers in West Hartford, Connecticut

What type of drivers are insurance providers looking to insure? Is your application going to have the traits to get the best rates? Here’s the inside scoop on what agents really want to see in their drivers.

Clean Up Your Record

Have a clean driving record with few moving violations. The biggest cost to insurance providers is the cost of accidents. Liability claims can account for thousands of dollars for small fender benders. Be a good driver with few speeding tickets or other moving violations and you will save.

Monitor Your Car

Drive a safe car. Did you know that some types of vehicles are more expensive to insure? There are two reasons for this.

Cars with more horsepower are likely to be driven faster. That results in more chances for accidents, which again, increases costs.

These cars are higher valued vehicles and therefore harder to replace and far more expensive to repair.

To save, choose family vehicles instead. Minivans and sedans get the best rates possible.

Ask for Discounts as You Age

Another thing that insurance providers will tell you is that the lower your age, the more you will pay. Inexperience costs money since these individuals are more likely to be involved in accidents. As you age, talk to your agent about getting a lower price.

To best rates on the auto insurance that you need, it is up to you. In Westford, Connecticut, all you need to do is to compare offers from leading providers. You will save significantly.