The five most common driver etiquette mistakes

If your behavior behind the wheel has been garnering a lot of disgruntled honks lately, you might want to put some thought into improving your driver karma. Being aware of the driver etiquette rules your breaking is the first step to cleaning up your driving.

The following are the five most common driver etiquette mistakes that you can easily avoid with a bit of consideration and awareness:

  1. Passing excruciatingly slowly- Passing other cars should be done fairly quickly because during passing, two cars are very close. This can make some drivers slightly uncomfortable, especially if it goes on for long periods of time. If you’re going to pass someone, speed up and do it quickly to put some distance between yourself and the other car. 
  2. Not switching lanes to make merging and turning easier- If you’re driving along a two-lane roadway with no traffic, switch lanes to make space for other drivers who are trying to get on the same roadway. 
  3. Hanging around in the left lane- Other drivers are going to get impatient- a may even begin suffering from twinges of road rage- if you’re driving in front of them at a slower speed but remaining in the passing lane. 
  4. Sloppy turn signal use- Whenever possible, avoid changing your mind about turning after putting your turn signal on. Also, always take care to use your turn signals even if you’re driving along a very familiar route. 
  5. Using your cell phone- Even if cell phone use while driving isn’t against the law in your state, don’t do it. This type of distracted driving compromises safety and will inevitably detract from your reaction speed at red lights or while waiting at stop signs. 

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