Boat Insurance and Safety on the Water

AllConnecticut Insurance wants you to know that we have the best resources you need for buying boating insurance coverage. We also want you to be safe on the water this season. So please, don’t boat just after a heavy rainstorm: that stick floating in the muddy water might be attached to an entire tree bobbing just under the surface. Be careful boating above spillways, bridges, and other structures on the water. Be certain that everyone onboard has the proper personal flotation devices and that they are wearing them in the correct way. Even pets can wear flotation vests as well! Also, be very careful when using alcoholic beverages on board.

We’re not just about insurance, you see; we’re about safety. Safe fun is the fun that builds wonderful summertime boating memories. Enjoy the sun on the water, catch some rays, maybe catch a fish as well. You can have a pretty awesome lack of worries when you have the insurance coverage to back up your boating activities. Accidents do happen, and you can be prepared both before and after. While prevention is the best method for dealing with the unfortunate things that come up, good insurance can make a huge difference after the fact.  Contact us about your boating insurance coverage. At AllConnecticut Insurance we know the state requirements for minimum insurance coverage as well as which kinds of policies are available for which kinds of vehicles. Our independent agents can help you find the best rates for your specific needs. Serving the West Hartford, CT area, our independent agents can find the insurance coverage quotes of multiple insurance firms to assure you that you’re getting the best coverage at the best rate for your specific needs.