All You Need to Know About Recreational Insurance in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut and like being outdoors, your chances of owning a recreational vehicle are incredibly high. A recreational vehicle is similar to your regular car. It also needs proper protection. What is the best way to protect it? Getting recreational insurance is one of them. If you are searching for this type of insurance, keep on reading to learn crucial facts:

What To Know About Recreational Insurance?  

Here is what you should know about it: 

  • There is a difference between full-time and part-time recreational insurance. You will need part-time recreational insurance if you use your RV only for short-term vacations and weekends. However, if you live in your vehicle full-time, consider getting the full-time insurance option. 
  • You can get a discount on your recreational insurance. If you are a careful and safe driver, you can receive a discount and pay less for insurance. How does it work? Many insurance companies offer a discount to those who finish a safety course. 
  • Different recreational insurance policies cover different things. If you are considering a specific policy, ask an insurance agent what it covers. For example, some insurance policies cover your RV only and do not cover personal items. 
  • Recreational insurance is mandatory in Connecticut. The Constitution State requires RV owners to carry minimum liability insurance. This means that driving a recreational vehicle in Connecticut is illegal. 

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