A Quick Guide to Covering All of Your Toys

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, toy insurance is coverage for recreational vehicles and similar devices that are not primary modes of transportation. The term can refer to motorcycles, boats, RVs, ATV and even snowmobiles. Basically, it’s insurance for those things we long to have, and when we finally acquire them, it is like a dream come true. AllConnecticut Insurance can make sure your toys are protected, so here are the basics for getting toy insurance in West Hartford, CT.

State Requirements

This is the beginning of any honest conversation about insurance. Every state has different requirements, and they change over time. In Connecticut, anything that is intended to drive on roads requires a minimum coverage for bodily injuries and property damage. Seafaring equipment has its own set of rules. The total range of necessities is a bit expansive for a quick guide, so your best bet is to discuss all of your toys and their legal insurance mandates with your representative.

Personal Liability

This is a particular insurance for toys. In general, these are powerful vehicles and devices that lend themselves to more dangerous activities. After all, that is often part of the thrill. Also important is the impression your toys make in a civil court. You don’t actually have to be wealthy to own an ATV, an RV or even a boat. Still, having expensive toys will create an image of wealth, and a jury of your peers may be more inclined to award larger penalties in a legal case. If your toys are going to come in contact with other human beings, you need to consider liability coverage. It is often available for minimal increases to your premium.

Total Coverage

The only other major concern for your toys is protecting them from disaster. These are things we usually save for years to purchase, and we get attached quickly. You want to be sure that you can repair or replace the vehicle of your favorite pastime if the worst should happen. Protection from accidents is a good start, but don’t overlook the threats of weather and theft. You might be surprised how much a full commitment to peace of mind can help you enjoy the time with your toy to its fullest.

The basics will get you started, but insurance can become a complicated topic very quickly. Consider chatting with an AllConnecticut Insurance agent about the options available in West Hartford, CT.