Do the Years I’ve Spent Driving a Company Car Count Towards My No Claims Bonus in West Hartford, CT?

Insurance companies like to reward ‘good’ drivers. The reward often comes in the form of a discount on a car insurance policy. One of the most popular discounts offered to drivers is a no claims bonus.

A no claims bonus is a discount that is offered to policy holders that have not made any claims through an insurance company. Typically, the bonus is awarded based off of amount of time that an individual has driven a personal vehicle – 2 years, 5 years, or 6 years – without making any insurance claims, but the use of a company car may also count towards this insurance bonus.

Some car insurance providers allow individuals to use the amount of time they have safely driven a company car without making any claims. The insurance company will credit the individual driver with time as a safe driver if he or she has driven a company car, but only if proper proof can be provided.

Required proof and length of claim-free driving will vary depending upon the insurance company. Some insurance companies require an official letter from the employer that states how long the individual drove the auto, how many claims were filed, and even how many miles were driven.

Insurance companies will vary on the length of time an individual must spent driving a company car without a claim being filed to qualify for the no claims bonus. The length of time can vary from a single year of driving without any claims to five or six years.

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