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Connecticut Commercial Insurance Coverage

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Commercial Insurance Agency

Commercial liability insurance is important if you own a business in Connecticut, North Carolina or Florida. Once your business is open, you need to make sure you have adequate insurance to protect your business, clients, and employees. Let an independent agent like AllConnecticut Insurance Brokers compare quotes online and find you the best rates possible.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own company vehicles, you will need insurance to protect the business from liability if there is an accident. No matter where you live accidents happen all the time. Your drivers may have great driving records, but you need to make sure you have adequate insurance to cover expenses and get your vehicles back on the road.

General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Commercial general liability insurance, or CGL, is necessary to protect your interests if someone is injured while on your property or if someone's property is damaged while visiting your business. This type of coverage will take care of both your customers and employees. When shopping for quotes online, you will want to compare the rates from top providers. Working with an independent agent makes this a quick and easy process.

Commercial Property Insurance

When comparing different types of commercial property insurance, you will need to consider the value of the property and where it is located. Most insurance companies will look at the risks involved depending on the location and whether the property is at risk for fire or theft.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is required by many types of businesses. You want to take care of your employees if they are injured on the job, but you do not want to pay too much. Ask your independent agent to find the best rates available for the number of employees you need to insure.

Business Owner Package (BOP)

A Business Owner’s Package or (BOP), combines all your insurance needs into one plan. As the owner of a business, you want to make sure you are keeping as much of the profits as possible. The best way to do this is to shop around and compare quotes for insurance. Using an independent agent like AllConnecticut Insurance Brokers will get the job done and keep the profits in your pocket.


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